Athlete Portrait Photography Melbourne - Bonofiglio Photography
Action Photography Melbourne - Bonofiglio Photography

Are you ready to have your own
epic photoshoot?

Do you feel you have been too busy to organise a photoshoot this year?

Have you been worried about the cost of everything going up?

Are you looking for an incredible experience these school holidays?

With our ‘Portrait Marathon’ you can create one-of-a-kind portraits with amazing discounts in only 15 minutes!

Athlete Portrait Photography Melbourne - Bonofiglio Photography
Action Photography Melbourne - Bonofiglio Photography

This experience is GREAT for:

Teams that want many members photographed individually on the same day (each athlete must book their own slot).
Athletes, umpires, referees and coaches that want a sports headshots;
Complete beginners ;
– Families
that want a fast, easy portrait experience.

This experience is NOT for:

 – Athletes that want action portraits (e.g: kicks, jumps, running, dribbles, etc.).
– Families that want siblings portraits (siblings must book their own unique session, and cannot be photographed together during Portrait Marathon Days).
– Athletes that want to be photographed in multiple wardrobes or uniforms.
Custom made effects. (Only black or stadiums backgrounds are available).

If you’d like any of the above,  book a full session here.


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To book a photoshoot




When is this happening?

During school holidays. On Tuesday 27th September (9am-1pm) and Thursday 29th September (9am-1pm).

What is included in a 'Mini Marathon' session?

Your session fee includes a voucher redeemable for:

  • one (1) spot in our Portrait Mini Marathon;
  • pre-photoshoot wardrobe and prep phone consultation;
  • 30 or 60 minute session;
  • fully guided posing; and
  • personalised image reveal.

Artwork and images are purchased separately.

How much is the artwork?

Portrait Mini Marathon participants, have access to a special product starting at $750 (or $15 per week with a payment plan!).


How do I book my spot?

Complete the form above and we will get in touch with you.

How is this different to your normal photoshoots?

Our full photoshoot experience includes a 1 hour pre-photoshoot zoom consultation in which we custom pre-design your artwork based on your favourite poses, effects and home décor to ensure everyone falls head over heels for their artwork. (This is not offered in our Portrait Marathons).

Our Photoshoots also go for 3-4 hours, with optional wardrobe changes and multiple siblings are welcome to join. Because of this, no other families are booked on the same day. (In our Minis Marathon we only have 30 or 60 minutes slots. Because of time restrains, siblings cannot be photographed together and wardrobe changes are not allowed. Up to 12 families may be photographed on the same day).

If you feel a full photoshoot experience would be a better fit for you, please contact the studio here.


Can I include more than 1 athlete in my session?

Unfortunately not. Due to the short timeframe of Portrait Marathons we welcome only 1 athlete per spot. For siblings we recommend booking individual Portrait Marathon slots, or to book a full portrait experience if you want to capture them together.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Sunshine West. Only a 20-25 minute drive from Melbourne CBD.

only 8 spots left for our portrait marathon

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